According to the US scientists, Parkinson, which is one of the most dreadful ailments of the brain, may be connected with the most ignored part of the body. In fact, a study has proven that the people who have undergone an appendix surgery have lower chances of developing a neurodegenerative disease.

Study Reveals The Root Of Parkinson’s Is The Guts

Van Andel Research Institute has executed a study over 50 years on 1.7 million people. This study has found that among the people whose appendixes were removed, the chances of the occurrence of the Parkinson’s disease lowered by 20%.

Appendix carries a substance that destroys the brain cells. It also revealed that the origin of the disease is outside the brain but strong evidence has proven the connection between the appendix and brain disease.

The appendix is located at the opening of the large intestine and contains toxic chemicals called alpha-synuclein, which is also found in the Parkinson’s patients.

There is no medicine to cure Parkinson’s disease and affects 128,000 people across the UK. Parkinson disease has the potential to damage the free movement of the body, negatively affect the memory, senses, and mood.

The researchers have also revealed that removing the appendix is not the ultimate solution to eradicate the chances of the occurrence of the Parkinson’s disease. However, they have strongly stated that the guts allow the protein to develop, which travels to the vagus nerve and finally to the brain.

Dr. Viviane Labrie, a team member of the researchers stated that people must never forcefully remove their appendix as the research is not about a theory that claims to remove appendix to eradicate the chances of getting affected by the Parkinson’s disease.

She further stated that it is better to move forward in a proven method. She suggested controlling the formation of synuclein in excess so it can dominate the toxin production in the appendix.

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